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Exterior Painters Ipswich

Exterior House Painters in Ipswich

Are you searching for high-quality exterior house painters in Ipswich, Suffolk, with highly competitive prices? Look no further than John Bree Decorating!

We have a full portfolio of exterior painting projects, including masonry paint, outdoor and exterior wood painting and staining and window painting. As a result, we have the experience to make your home radiate style.

With over 15 years’ experience as exterior painters in Ipswich serving the whole of Suffolk, we have a bigger picture approach to decorating your home. As standard, we ensure restored surface preparation, surrounding area protection and no mess left behind. Because of this, the only thing you need to worry about is deciding your new finish!

Our friendly and knowledgeable outdoor wall painting team will be able to discuss your colour schemes and recommend the best products for your home in your free consultation. Our streamlined house painting service will ensure that your home is transformed in the least time possible without compromising your results.

Add in our durable, eco-friendly products (Graphenstone approved exterior painters) and listed building speciality, and we make your “Good as new” target “Better than ever!”.

The right first impression is everything from a potential buyer to inviting the in-laws over. Execute perfectly with an exterior paint design that uses a wealth of experience to create your ideal presentation.

Victorian Exterior Painting Service

Sharp contrast gables, bargeboards and bay windows are iconic, we’ll preserve and update your historical features.


Edwardian Exterior Painters

Standout balconies, grand porches and pebbledash are designed to impress, we’ll show them off in their best light.


Georgian Exterior Painting

Want more from a simple exterior? We make stucco and render look like rococo and splendour with our range!


Suffolk’s Leading Masonry Painter

Whether it’s a new colour or weather protection, we exhibit the best of your brick and stone whilst ensuring long-lasting strength.


Wood Painting

Weatherproofing or whitewash (or any other colour!), our wood painting products are good for grain and terrain so your environment stays protected.


Outdoor Window Painting

Guarantee that your view is never spoiled by looking through a window that’s been decorated to perfection with the proper care.


Doors and frames

What a feeling it is walking through flawlessly trimmed doors and frames. We can make that a regular with a longstanding finish.


Exterior Wall Paint

Brick, stone, cement, render or plaster, we bring out the finest in any material wall with lasting protection.


Fascias and Soffits

The condition of the trim can make or break a house’s look. We use the best products to protect and complement your home.


Fence Painting in Ipswich

Traditional waney, featherboard or pickett, we present a boundary to your home that looks sharp and stays stronger for longer.


Barn & Stables

Large barn & Stable conversions are becoming more popular, we have the experience to make them look like purpose-built homes.


Wood Varnishing & Staining

Spruce up your wood with long-lasting protection & rejuvenate dulled colouring using the latest products and knowhow, protection that makes timber lasts longer.

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Exterior Painters Ipswich FAQs

What is best exterior paint?

The character and appeal of a property are significantly influenced by its exterior finish – one of the primary elements of this being exterior paint. The specialist team at John Bree Decorating know that an excellent finish is dependent on solid preparation work, and the selection of suitable paint.
Different paints are suitable for different properties – this is why such a large variety of exterior paints exist on the UK market. It is important to take into consideration the surface upon which the paint is being applied, the weather conditions the property is subject to, and the character of the property, alongside its surroundings before putting brush to brick. The John Bree Decorating team have over 15 years of experience in maximising curb appeal through the effective application of paint – for specialist advice, contact us today for a free consultation.

How do I paint the outside of my house?

John Bree Decorating’s team of experienced decorators know that preparation is the key to a picture-perfect finish when painting the exterior of a property. Following a consultation, and a guided selection of the right paint for the home, our team pressure wash and strip back the area to be tainted, before restoring the bare surface. Following this extensive preparation, priming and painting will be completed with precision, delivering a sharp finish. The external painters at John Bree Decorating go the extra mile to ensure a perfect finish. Speak to us about our external painting services, or book your free evaluation today.

What kind of paint do you use for exterior painting?

The best paint to use on your home is determined by the base material, however, factors such as condition, and the character of the property must also be taken into consideration. The John Bree Decorating team have extensive knowledge of both paint selection and exterior painting on all surfaces. In addition to this, our specialists have been awarded Graphenstone accreditation as a result of their continued responsible use of environmentally friendly painting products. Request a callback today to book your free exterior painting consultation.

Can I paint on brick?

Painting on brick is an attractive option for improving a home's value, however, it is important to note, that it is often considered permanent. Painting on brick is possible in the vast majority of properties, however, removing paint from the porous surface of a brick is a very long process, so application is a significant commitment.
John Bree Decorating are specialists in exterior and masonry painting, with over fifteen years of experience in application, and removal. Our highly trained team are able to consistently carry out work with precision and care. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding exterior painting, masonry painting, or any of our other services.

What is the best time to paint house exterior?

The best time of year for exterior painting in the United Kingdom is generally between the months of April and October when temperatures are above 8 degrees. The primary reason for this is that paint exposed to temperatures below 8 degrees tend to have issues curing. Generally, the warmer the weather, the better the paint will cure.
The specialist team at John Bree Decorating are happy to assess and prepare properties for painting throughout the year. Contact us today for a free consultation regarding exterior painting, masonry painting, or any of our other services.

What is the most popular colour for house exterior?

Here at John Bree Decorating, we don’t believe in “one style fits all” rules – especially when it comes to painting, however, we often adhere to existing guidelines which can assist in the creation of a harmonious colour palette, which can be adapted to fit the client’s vision. It is, however, important to consider, that exterior paint can have a significant impact on the value of your property. In a recent study, Westhershield found that 46% of British people surveyed prefer a classic white or cream exterior paint. Following this, the next most popular colours tend to be shades of blue.
Choosing the colour for your home is quite a commitment. Our team at John Bree Decorating can guide you through the pros and cons of any option, giving you complete faith in your choice. Book a free consultation with one of our specialist team members today.

We Are Professional & Friendly

Raises the market value of the home

A great looking home looks great and is protected from the elements, which is worth paying for to a buyer.

Raises curb appeal and pride in ownership

What do you feel when you see your home at the end of the day? Let’s make it “Yeah that’s mine”

Protects from the elements

Preserve your homes structure with a maintained exterior, it will pay for itself over and over in avoided issues.

Damage repair and prevention

The process of updating the exterior includes damage assessment, finding concerns before they become problems.

Exterior Painting Service Client testimonials

Building Company

We are a building / maintenance company based in Harlow with contracts in and around North / East London. We have used Bree’s Decorating Ltd on many of our projects, I would highly recommend this company for their professional approach, attention to detail, the way they carry out their work, and for the care and consideration they showed for our clients. We will definitely be using this company again in the near future.


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