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Interior Painters Ipswich

A Quality Interior Painting Service in Ipswich, Suffolk

If you are in need of exceptional interior painters in Ipswich, Suffolk, John Bree Decorating has you covered! Whatever the size, shape or desired effect of your room, we have the coat for you.

We over 15 years’ experience in interior painting in Ipswich and across Suffolk. As a result. we have a bigger picture approach to painting and decorating the interior of your home. As standard, we ensure restored surface preparation, surrounding area protection and no mess left behind, so the only thing you need to worry about is deciding your new finish.

Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to discuss your colour schemes and recommend the best interior paint products for your home in your free consultation, then our streamlined service will ensure that your home is transformed in the least time possible without compromising your results.

Add in our durable, eco-friendly products (Graphenstone approved interior painters) and listed building speciality, and we make your “Good as new” target “Better than ever!”.

Are you searching for a simple update that adds multiple benefits to your home and looks amazing? Brush up your interior with a paint job that is more than what it says on the tin.

Living Room Painting

The main room in the house, where the family meet, guests are entertained and weekends are spent relaxing. We’ll guide you through colour schemes that meet all these and still suit your home to a T.


Dining Room Painting

You’ve got the elegant table, the formal cloths and ornate cutlery set. Let us complete that classy look so all you need to do is put on that impressive spread you do.


Kitchen Painting

Concerned about tiles and cupboards getting in the way of a great paint finish? Don’t worry, our interior painters in Ipswich take the time to protect and cover all areas to ensure your surfaces are protected.


Hand Painted Kitchen Cabinetry

Do your current kitchen units fit in with your chosen scheme? We give a matching finish to any pre-installed or free-standing kitchen systems to secure a thorough update to your kitchen.


Bathroom Painting

Moisture control, a de-stressing atmosphere and a clean feel are all key to your bathroom, we use the best products to brighten where you freshen up.


Bedroom Painting

Whether its optimised for sleep or the only space in the house that’s your own, we make it where the magic happens.


Hand Painted Wardrobes

Finding that your new bedroom scheme doesn’t match the furniture? We coordinate your furniture colours to bring your whole room up to date.


Accent and Feature walls

Would your room benefit from a standout wall? We optimise the use of colour across your room to bring you the best presentation for you.


Interior Wood Varnishing in Suffolk

Concerned about the lifespan of your wood? We protect your wood with the highest quality products that ensure that it preserves its quality.


Interior Wood Staining

Revive the colour in your wood with a coat of our dependable wood stain, so that you can enhance your home’s features.

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Suffolk Interior Painters FAQs

How do you paint Interior walls?

The John Bree Decorating team have over fifteen years of experience in interior painting, and therefore possess a strong understanding of the process of interior painting. Before starting, the space to be painted should be cleared, with drop sheets laid down. Prior to starting painting, walls should be suitably cleaned and prepared, in order to ensure an optimum finish. Trims should be masked in preparation for cutting in.
When painting, the brush should be loaded by dipping into the paint until about half of the length of the bristles are covered. When painting, establish the line acting as the edge, before rolling out the wall. Every 3-4 metre section completed should be laid off to ensure a smooth finish.
John Bree Decorating’s team of interior painting specialists can go over the best interior painting options for your property during your free consultation.

What is the best interior paint?

The best paint for your wall will be determined by your target design, and the way in which the space will be used following painting – for example, paint used in a space exposed to moisture on a regular basis, such as a bathroom, will be different than that used in a bedroom. Perhaps children will be the main users of the space – in this case, washable paint may be an option to consider. Discuss your vision with John Bree Decorating, and we will use our extensive knowledge of the UK’s most established, and lesser-known brands to make your dream a reality.

Do painters clean the wall before painting?

Preparation is the key to attaining a perfect finish in interior painting. There are multiple ways to prepare walls for painting, one of which being washing. Walls requiring little structural work or smoothing may only require a thorough wipe down warm water, or a grease-cutting agent, followed by a pass over with a damp cloth.
Following this, the wall must be given ample time to dry in order to prevent issues such as blistering. A flawless finish is built on an immaculate foundation. John Bree Decorating put in the groundwork to ensure that your wall looks as good on the inside as the outside. Talk to us today for a free evaluation.

What is the fastest way to paint interior walls?

Painting with effective tools, such as rollers, tends to cut down the amount of time taken to paint large interior walls. These tools are often available in a variety of sizes, with smaller rollers offering more control, and larger rollers offering faster completion.
The John Bree Decorating team use their 15 years of experience to balance speed and effectiveness whilst completing a painting project. Our painting specialists are able to seamlessly move from one stage of a project to another, minimising the disruption to your household whilst protecting the new look for your home. Contact us today for a consultation regarding interior painting, or any of our other decorating services.

What are the best interior house colours?

Here at John Bree Decorating, we don’t believe in “one style fits all” rules – especially when it comes to interior painting, however, we often adhere to existing guidelines which can assist in the creation of a harmonious colour palette, which can be adapted to fit the client’s vision. For example, the 60-30-10 rule is a well-established and frequently used rule in décor. It is primarily used to help create an effective colour palette for a space and states that the dominant colour should be used throughout 60% of the space, the secondary colour throughout 30%, and the accent colour throughout 10%.
Interior colours set the tone of your property. The decorators at John Bree Decorating have over fifteen years of experience in helping create and implement colour palettes suited to a vast range of properties. Contact us today to bring your colour story aspirations to life.

We Are Professional & Friendly
Why Hire an Interior Painter?

Increases market value

Updating your home often pays itself back immediately, ask for the most valuable upgrades in your free consultation.

Improved home mood and positive energy for residents

Your environment affects the emotion of your home, talk to us about how we can create the best atmosphere for you.

Protects interior surfaces

Your interior painting and decorating is also a protective layer on the internal structure. Inquire about how our products preserve your house and the environment.

Interior Painting Ipswich & Suffolk Client Testimonials

Robert Harper

Prompt, polite, friendly & professional service. High quality finish. Our office has been transformed into a bright, crisp workspace. Colour suggestions where perfect for our needs. Thank you. Will definitely use again.

Jasbir Dhariwal

Professional, polite and turned our house into our dream home with his professional painting and a very good choice of colours which opened up the rooms. Thank you very much John you have done a very good job.

Kevin Rogers

John and his team have painted and completed many Blackstone Kitchens over the last few years. They are very reliable and always carry out a quality finish that we look for. I highly recommend this company.

John Bree is a rare find. From first to last, a gentleman and skilled tradesman. He goes beyond the extra mile. Treats each job with utmost commitment and pays equal attention to both preparation and tidy up. Our home is looking amazing since he started working with us.

High Quality Decorator

Prompt, polite, friendly & professional service. High quality finish. Our office has been transformed into a bright, crisp workspace. Colour suggestions were perfect for our needs. Thank you. Will definitely use again.

Building company

We are a building / maintenance company based in Harlow with contracts in and around North / East London. We have used Bree’s Decorating Ltd on many of our projects, I would highly recommend this company for their professional approach.


Interior Painting

Whatever the size, shape or desired effect of your room, we have the coat for you.
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Exterior Painting

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Wallpaper Hanging

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Our friendly and knowledgeable team will be able to discuss your colour schemes and recommend the best products for your home in your free consultation.
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