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Wallpaper Decorators Ipswich

Wallpaper Decoration Experts in Ipswich, Suffolk

Are you in need of a seamless wallpaper decorator in Ipswich? From classic to cultured, basic to bold, insulated to innovative and full room to feature wall, we have you covered with our trusted wallpaper decorators.

With over 15 years of experience in wallpaper hanging, we have a bigger picture approach to decorating your home. As standard, we ensure restored surface preparation, surrounding area protection, and no mess left behind, so the only thing you need to worry about is deciding your new wallpaper.

Our friendly, knowledgeable, Ipswich-based wallpaper decorators will be able to discuss wallpaper styles, colour schemes and recommend the best products for your home in your free consultation, then our streamlined wallpaper hanging service will ensure that your home is transformed in the least time possible without compromising your results.

Add in our durable, eco-friendly products (Graphenstone approved wallpaper hangers) and listed building restoration speciality, and we make your “Good as new” target “Better than ever!”.

It’s easy to have more with wallpaper. Add colour with floral designs, compliment with single walls or pick up a textured variation of your favourite colour for a more subtle but significant finish.

Vinyl Wallpaper Decorating

Grease and water-resistant and can be cleaned without ruining the effects. Speak to us about how to care for your vinyl the best way.


Wide Vinyl Wallpaper Installation

Overlapping application for the cleanest cut butts, speak to us about how wide vinyl allows you to do more with your patterns.


Vinyl Coated Paper Wallpaper Hanging

Your desired effect of standard paper combined with a protective layer of vinyl over the top, giving the best of both worlds.


Vinyl Coated Fabric Wallpaper Installers

Our wallpaper decorators will bring a textured look to the room with all the conservative benefits of a vinyl coating, making your composition go further.


Textured & Embossed Wallpaper Installation

Wanting a design that comes off the wall at you? We use a variety of depths and patterns to create the right feel for you.


Mural Wallpaper Hanging

New York? Mountaintop? Shanghai Bunt at night? Any view you want, you can have it from the comfort of your own home.


Feature Wall Wallpaper Installation

Only want a pattern on one side as part of your colour scheme? Our wallpaper decorators will work with you to compliment your room in the best way.


Insulated Wallpaper Hanging

Looking for wallpaper with a return of investment? Save money on your heating with high-performance insulation layers.


Lining paper

Walls looking rough? If our wall preparation won’t create the base needed, we still have the means to build that smooth finish.

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Wallpaper Decorating & Installation FAQs

Should you see seams in wallpaper?

Professional wallpaper installations should never result in visible seams. When wallpaper is installed correctly, seams should be invisible, or near invisible from top to bottom. Visible seams are most often caused by three common mistakes:

Incorrect seam butting – correctly butted seams should be tight and close. In installations where correct techniques have not been used often result in visible seams.

Incorrect use of seam roller - If seam rollers are used incorrectly, or not used at all, seams are often visible in the finished installation. Those using seam rollers often ‘press out’ more glue than should be removed, leaving a gap once excess glue is removed.

Sizing issues – Incorrect sizing commonly leads to seams or gaps between wallpaper rolls.

John Bree Decorating has over 15 years of experience in hanging wallpaper, so you can be assured of a seamless finish every time. Contact us today for a quote, or for advice regarding wallpaper installations.

How do I calculate how much wallpaper I need?

Usually, the amount of paper used in a room will depend on the wall area, pattern drop, anticipated wastage, unpapered area, and usable yield. A common formula used to calculate the amount of paper used involves multiplying the measurements for the height and width of the wall, totalling the area of paper needed in square feet.

John Bree Decorating uses its tried and tested “experience = least paper required” formula to ensure that you get the most efficient wallpapering for your room.

Is wallpaper cheaper than paint?

Both wallpaper and paint can vary greatly in price, with wallpaper being more expensive on average as a result of the purchasing format, and the number of supplies and labour costs associated with installation. Paint tends to be cheaper on average, as a result of the fewer supplies needed for installation, and its ease of application. Having noted this, it is important to consider that there are high-end varieties of paint, which may be similarly expensive, or higher in price than wallpaper, and cheaper varieties of wallpaper, which may be installed on a DIY basis, decreasing prices significantly.
The real cost of both paint and wallpaper can come from improper application. The wallpaper hangers at Bree’s Decorating can utilise both to present a flawless finish, at a great price.

Can I wallpaper over existing paint?

The specialists at John Bree Decorating always recommend the removal of old wallpaper or paint wherever possible in order to achieve the best possible finish – however, we do recognise that there are situations in which this is not the best course of action. In certain cases, removing existing wallpaper can highlight flaky paint or brickwork, or even add to existing issues with plaster. It is integral to consider property history when considering wallpaper removal.
John Bree Decorating is proud to offer wallpaper hanging consultations, which can assist in establishing the best course of action in the case of a risky wallpaper removal project.

Does wallpaper keep a room warmer?

Standard varieties of wallpaper are not thought to provide any thermal benefit, and will not act as an insulator. With this being said, there are thermal wallpaper options available, most of which can reduce home heating time by up to 65%, and reduce energy consumption by up to 36% through heat retention. The wallpaper hangers John Bree Decorating is highly experienced in the installation of thermal wallpaper and will be happy to discuss the benefits of insulating layers or thermal wallpaper for your room at a free consultation.

Will wallpaper cover bad walls?

Wallpaper cannot be used to cover bad walls without preparation work being undertaken. Arter the bad or damaged wall has been successfully prepared, wallpaper may be used to mask any remaining flaws, especially when the correct design is selected. The wallpaper hangers at John Bree Decorating smooth your walls during the preparation, to ensure that your new wall is not compromised by any existing flaws.
If you’re planning on masking a bad wall through the application of wallpaper, ensure the best possible finish, by contacting John Bree Decorating today. Our team of experts will be happy to evaluate the state of the wall during a free consultation, during which we’ll suggest the best possible solutions to any present issues.

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Wallpaper Hanging Service Benefits

Increase market value with wallpaper decoration

Updating your home often pays itself back immediately, ask for the most valuable upgrades in your free consultation.

Improve the home mood and positive energy for residents

Your environment affects the emotion of your home, talk to us about how we can create the best atmosphere for you.

Protect your interior surfaces

Your wallpaper is also a protective layer on the internal structure. Inquire about how our wallpaper products preserve your house and the environment.

Suffolk Wallpaper Decorator Client Testimonials

Building Company

We are a building / maintenance company based in Harlow with contracts in and around North / East London. We have used Bree’s Decorating Ltd on many of our projects, I would highly recommend this company for their professional approach, attention to detail, the way they carry out their work, and for the care and consideration they showed for our clients. We will definitely be using this company again in the near future.


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Wallpaper Hanging

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